La Sperduta

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    The History of "La Sperduta"

    Although, this unique medieval village born on a magnificent coastline surrounded by smooth hills, where rocky cliffs alternate to the sandy beaches, owes its beauty to its geographic location, the distance from the other villages had been also the cause of many misfortunes. Its exposure to the sea, indeed, made Vieste an easy prey for the Turkish corsairs, who were seeing it as a strategic location in the mediterranean sea. Amongst the attacks, the most violent was surely the one occurred at the hands of the Turkish corsair Dragut Reis, who beheaded hundreds of women and children on the well-known rock called “Chianca Amara” – the “Bitter Stone”, situated one-hundred meters from the entrance of the old town. Moreover, its isolation precluded the town to receive help from the surrounding villages. From this geographic peculiarity Vieste has always been called under the name of “la sperduta” – “the lost”. Until 90 years ago, indeed, it was possible to reach the town only through one country lane that was cutting off the Foresta Umbra, and the entire travel from the closest village required almost two days.
    Only in the 1923, under the major Diana, a pharmacist who decided to abandon his profession to embrace politic, the first road was built. From that moment, Vieste got through a process of innovation thanks to which it could be turned into the coveted touristic destination that we all know today.

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