La Sosandra

Double Room Deluxe with Sea View

The double room deluxe la Sosandra, with its 28 square metres, is a perfect option for a couple on vacation in Vieste.
The space consists in a queen size double bed, a desk with chair, a private balcony with outdoor sitting area, and a bathroom with window.

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The History of 'La Sosandra'

The historical period that goes from the the III secolo a. C. and the beginning of the Middle-age was characterised by the arrival of many greek settlers on the Vieste’s coastlines, while they were sailing the Adriatic Sea looking for places where to tap into new useful resources. Amongst these populations, there were the sailors from Oiniadea, a town built on the delta of a river flowing on the north-east of Crete Island, which flooded due to the expansion of the delta. One of the land touched by them was Vieste, that became their major resource of ‘caparroni’ (‘spiny murex’). At that time, indeed, the shores of Vieste were plenty of these crustaceans, that were used for making¬† dye to be applied on the garments of cardinals and kings.
Apart from the shells recently found beside the Town Hall of Vieste, another evidence of the activities of these sailors are the various scripts in latin and greek language engraved inside the cave on Santa Eugenia Island, where nowadays the lighthouse stands. In that same cave, there are also drawings dedicated to the Venus Sosandra, goddess of the sea and protector of the sailors.
Amongst these engravings, there is one that is still readable which reports the date 3 September 1002.
The small cave is located on the left side of the Island of Saint Eugenia which can be seen from the balcony of this room.

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